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Artist jenny Jinya Makes People Cry With Her Animal Comics Just Released A New Tragic One About A Freezing Dog

Jenny Jinya, the creator of the Loving Reaper comics that make people cry, started the series with a tale about a puppy left behind. Elephants, parrots, bunnies, and other animals have all been included to her artwork throughout time. Jenny has returned with a new article on a different good boy from an undesirable background.

She published a comic strip from the winter three days ago. Zeus, a cheerful dog, spends his days freezing and chained to a kennel. He does not, however, break his spirit. Still loving his family, Zeus. But the weather is too much for you to handle.

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I find it upsetting that there are still folks who think their dog can handle anything just like he had a wolf in his backyard. But because they have been domesticated, our dogs have adjusted to our lifestyle. Except for northern breeds, the majority of dog breeds are not tolerant of cold. I’ve finally come up with a plot concept for a tale I can center on the issue.

Jenny acknowledges that there are some similarities between her most recent strip and the one that started it all. I felt as though I had strayed from the “roots of my comics” during the past year. While it may not always be a terrible thing, I occasionally felt as though I had forgotten why I began Loving Reaper. She clarified. Some of my inspiration and drive have left me. With this comic, I tried to get it back.

The author also informed us of some exciting news: a hardcover book including the majority of her works will be released soon. Even some previously unpublished comics and a few other surprises will be included.In August, pre-orders will begin, so keep a watch out. More information will soon be released by Jenny Jinya on her website and social media pages.

people know all too well what the comic is about.

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