Artist Jenny Jinya Comic made You smile and cry all the while

Jenny has recently started posting new jokes on his Instagram account. It made me chuckle. Gatherer puppy and kitty are adorable. To be honest, even your most heinous and abhorrent stuff makes me smile. (Not right away… From the start, I’m a whirlwind of tears.) But I’m glad you include monster cold-bloodedness, torment/misfortune, and even love in your comics. Continue to make them, please!

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Wow! You made me laugh and cry at the same time since my perfect young ladies used to love chasing after anything with wings. Jump with your tail, wriggle butt, and squirm butt! The feline we now have is obsessed with string and will viciously pursue flies and moths. I’ll occasionally feel a delicate, silky hide curling around my lower legs, but Sahara is nowhere to be found; it’s as if Precious and Silver are asking, “We did wonderful, right, providing you with this one to adore?” “Indeed, women, you have progressed admirably,” I think. Sahara demanded the same of us, no matter how much we demanded of her.”


Jenny, thank you very much!!! Despite the fact that the all-out hard tears can be blinding at times, your portrayals are absolutely AMAZING and elevating to my spirit and those of many others. This was SO ADORABLE and SO CORRECT!!!! Pup’s longing and Kitty’s detachedness were, ahem, “dead on.” Thank you so much for gifting us your gift!!


You brought joy to my heart; I adore your tales and cry every time, except today, when I grinned, knowing that my feline, who had been away for four years, will now be hunting this swarm of small creatures she wanted to see and chase (even if she didn’t catch and kill them). Thank you a great deal.


I love your work despite the fact that I do cry, they’re a way for me to lament my own sweet pets, I actually grin since I can recall the fun occasions we had together. This was valuable and it made me grin as well

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