Artist Illustrates Dark Side Of Disney Princesses In Creepy Illustrations

We’ve all seen Disney princesses as lovely, compassionate, and enthralling beings who can’t be linked to anything negative. In the movies, their polar opposites were revealed to be the villains who feared bringing these princesses down and ruining them. Have you ever imagined how these princesses would appear if they were evil and dark? What would happen to their appearance?

Jeffery Thomas, a California-based cartoonist and designer, has created some graphics to pique our interest. Along with him, Dan LuVisi, another exceptional artist, has created some fantastic artwork based on our favourite childhood characters.

See how much Thomas’ imagination matches yours by scrolling down below. You can also visit his blog to see more of his work.

More info: DeviantArt | Blogspot (h/t: designyoutrust)

1. Snow white, snow white and the seven dwarves

Consider how this poster could alter the entire plot of the storey. The snow-white would be a villain with nefarious intents, causing havoc with her seven dwarves and companions. Those black eyes are freaking me out, I have to say!

2. Ariel, the Little Mermaid

Thomas not only transformed the little mermaid into a Goth who appeared to have just risen from the dead, but he also transformed our harmless Flounder fish into a lethal predator.

3. Jasmine, Alladin

Among all the bad princesses, this has to be the most well-known. Anyone would be scared off by the cheetah addition and those skeleton earrings. Did you notice the scratches on the belly, as well as the tooth that was coming out? Princess Jasmine should be avoided at all costs!

4. Belle, Beauty and the beast

Belle is no longer the sweet, gentle girl next door who reminded you of lavenders and all things pleasant. She’s out to instil terror in your hearts, and she’s backed up by the might of a beast!

5. Pocahontas, Pocahontas

If you were planning on asking Pocahontas for assistance, don’t bother. She’s surrendered to the evil forces. And it’s not just her; Pocahontas’ grandmother Willow will be by her side at all times, advising and correcting her. The blood patches and skeleton skulls were done exceptionally effectively by Thomas.

6. Cinderella, Cinderella

7. Aurora, Sleeping Beauty

The lovely pink princess has long since vanished. Meet Aurora, a zombie who rested soundly in her grave but has reawakened and will not be spared! No one is safe from her wrath.

8. Blue Fairy, Pinocchio

9. Esmeralda, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Esmeralda isn’t the same here, despite the fact that she still looks lovely. Jeffery Thomas’s ingenuity shone through in this one. We’re getting Mufasa vibes from the Lion King thanks to the half-scorched face and one burnt arm!

10. Merida, Brave

11. Wendy, Peter Pan

Oh wendy, we thought Jeffery would spare you!

12. Megara, Hercules

13. Tiana, Princess And The Frog

14. Rapunzel, Tangled

15. Mulan, Mulan

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