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Artist Creates Hilarious Comics That Accurately Depict The Pain Of Working In Retail

“Take your broken heart and turn it into art,” they advise. In Stephen Beals’ instance, it’s more about transforming unpleasant feelings into amusing comic strips. Artist Stephen Beals has been creating comics for as long as he can remember “out of a pure passion for the art form.” As Stephen himself admitted, he created his illustrations as a way to decompress after work. Because, in his words, “adulthood seems to be a myth that we tell youngsters to make them behave,” he gave them the name “Adult Children.”

The situations shown in the comics are from typical days at work in the retail industry. Even if the funny details of work-life are conveyed, we believe that most of us can hear the characters’ helpless screams of tiredness. At the same time, the illustrations have a strong sense of identity.

The creator, who has always loved Bored Panda, was thrilled that his comics were published there. “I can only read a post concerning my job with one eye open. I’ll attempt to have courage. I could stare with both eyes. We’ll have to wait and see. Scroll down below to have a good time.

1. OMG

The four distinct portions of Stephen Beals make up the characters in these comics. An extremely intriguing idea. According to the artist, each of us has a unique personality, or at least Stephen has “four usable ones.”

The artist revealed that Penny and Berle are siblings. Since they were young, Harvey (named after Stephen’s grandfather) has known them and developed a close friendship with Penny. Penny is the small portion of Stephen’s responsibilities, Harvey is his alter ego, Berle is his complete identification with him, and Claremont (the dog) is Stephen at his best, which is “why he’s a dog,” according to Stephen. Todd (an extra) is another character who exemplifies the artist’s innocent side.

2. Can you relate?

3. Do you feel the girl?

4. Cats need me more

5. There’s this one always who’s like, “I want to speak to the manager.”

6. The people who shouldn’t reproduce always reproduce

7. The art of saying nothing works greatly, you all should try it

8. That’s the spirit!

9. Clever tricks always help

10. What a great way to attend an ignorant customer

11. Hilarious

12. Such petty discounts make the employees believe that the company cares

13. That’s how we depend our holidays for real

14. You go, man

15. That’s actually better!

16. Please shut up, for real

17. “I feel better about our life”


19. Do you guys have work dreams too?

20. I cannot stop laughing

I am sure many of you would find this article relatable. Share your thoughts about this in the comment section down below.

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