Artist Creates Comics About A Girl In Her Afterlife (27 Pics)

We’re all curious about what happens after we pass away. Many hypotheses exist, depending on one’s beliefs, religion, and a variety of other things. Do we have a chance to go to heaven? Do we go through reincarnation? Or will we simply vanish into oblivion? Jorgen Van Santen, a comics artist from Oslo, Norway, tries to answer that question with his hilarious drawings!

The images’ main characters are a deceased girl who was hit by a bus while on the phone and Death himself. They embark on a variety of experiences together, including a trip to the realm of the living. In Death’s world, they meet a wide range of people, from animals to celebrities.

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“I came up with the idea for Death and the Maiden back in 2016 because of a national comic contest,” the artist informed us about how he got started making these comics. The competition provided me both a goal and a deadline. To participate, I required at least 15 episodes. Because the comic was in the top five, I decided to keep generating more episodes just for fun.

I started publishing on after a time and earned several followers. In 2019, I was requested to write an article for the weekend part of Aftenposten, Norway’s largest newspaper. Every weekend, I continue to post two episodes here. The comics have also appeared in other Scandinavian newspapers and comic magazines. I think I came up with the idea of a comic about the afterlife because I’m terrified of death and not religious.”



















“I love to sketch, and I also enjoy writing and coming up with jokes and short stories,” Jorgen said when asked what motivates him to produce art. I get ideas for my comic from all over, but especially during chats with friends and family. ‘Ha!’ I think to myself frequently. This would be a fantastic episode.’








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