Artist Created Battle Dogs From Different Dog Breeds, And Here’s The Hilarious Result

I saw some drawings of a dog one day, and I thought, ‘Hmm. it’d be fun to make a centaur from a dog. I bet someone has already done it! I googled and found none. Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! So I decided to make a couple of mythical creatures known as Battledogs. I thought of a dream world where these cartoon dogs would live and what jobs they’d have. Soon, I ended up with a pack of fun drawings. For the cartoon, I posted characters, and people liked them. I was immensely surprised.

Things have moved, and now I’m working with awesome guys from Punga Miniatures, and soon we’re going to launch Cardamajigs’ Kickstarter for the fighting dogs project ‘The Deck of Many’ from D&D. Also, an idea exists for a tabletop game.

And it all started with an easy, goofy ‘what if…’ notion of these legendary beasts.

So folks, if you’re driven to do anything extraordinary, do it and share it with the globe. Follow tha artist as well…

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share these beautiful dog breeds cartoon with your friends and family.. Tell us in comment section that which is your favorite battle dog breed .. Mine are “Sieberian Husky.. AND YOURS?

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