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Artist Create 20 Comics That Masterfully Address The Social Injustice Ingrained In Everyday Life

Blobby has an odd appearance, but who gives a damn? The important thing is that they are incredibly cool on the inside. This tiny critter is dependable, helpful, and won’t put up with BS. 465,000 people follow them, so it makes sense.

But we can introduce you to this lovely oatmeal if you haven’t already. They are made-up individuals who star in Blobby and Friends, a comic book series.

It is a project that emphasizes both healthy daily living and significant societal challenges like racism and homelessness. The fact that the stories also make readers chuckle is even more astounding.

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The artist began creating toys and puppets on his own, but he later said, “I was seeking for a way to convey about the topics that matter to me. “To be completely honest, we did not anticipate things to turn out the way they did, and I am so grateful and in love with our audience.

Blobby is “the best magical friend you ever wish you had,” according to Zack.



Other characters in the comics include Charlie / Punk Kid, who can shed, Ashley, who has a thing on Lily, and Lily, her human buddy (and I really identify with her character for some reason). He may seem frightening, yet he’s the most smooth and healthy character we’ve ever created. Charlie is modeling our underwear because of this, “laughed Zack.





Online comics frequently avoid touchy subjects. Nothing more than a weak pun or cheesy sentence here and there. I’m not claiming that this idea is flawed in any way. There is undoubtedly a market for it. Simply put, Blobby and Friends distinguishes itself from its rivals. Despite the fact that the series initially had a similar appearance.

I’m not sure what initially motivated me to start creating comics in the current form. In actuality, we got off to a fairly easy start with some sweet, amusing, but more surface-level jokes. We saw that we could utilize Blobby to talk about more serious subjects as the account evolved, Zack said.










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