All Dog Owners Can Relate To These 15+ Adorable Comics By “heybuddycomics”

Every pet owner will tell you that they have a special link with their animal, one that cannot be broken under any circumstances. I’m sure HeyBuddy Comics’ creator will confirm this as well. Since she was a puppy, they’ve been penning little monologues about their dog. According to the author, “the profound affection I had for a being with whom I couldn’t converse prompted me to picture the conversations we’d have if I could.” The artist realised a long time ago that a large collection of his writings could be entertaining to others. The only issue they had was that in text form, they were tedious to read.They needed to be rejuvenated so they could have the same kind of energy and enthusiasm as my genuine dog,” the author explained. Illustrator K. came to the rescue in this situation. They collaborated to create a series of adorable comics that every dog owner will enjoy — check them out below!

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#1After reading this, I instantly hugged my friend.

#2 aliens

#3 My dog, every time

#4 Woof Pack!

#5 Buddy’s logic is hard to argue

#6 pets lead to relationships

#7 Pawn to g4. Black pawn takes. Queen takes g4. Mate

#8 We don’t deserve dogs… nor any other animal.

#9 A buddy plush???

#10 Buddy is so smart 


Dogs are much more than pets. They are our companions, comrades, mood lifters, and huggers. Our souls are touched by their transparency and trust. And all of this is depicted in the gentle and loving Hey Buddy comics.

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