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5 Of The Most Adorable Comics By Pixie & Brutus (New Pics)

#1 Parkour!

#2 Backstory

​I’ve had a rough idea of what happened to Brutus in my head for a while now, but I haven’t put much effort into really fleshing it out, let alone illustrating it into a comic. This is mostly because, as you all know, I like to keep my content lighthearted, and a story like that would be… well, obviously pretty dark. Probably not family-friendly.

Again, ​I don’t know EXACTLY how the story would go, but trust me, if I’m fortunate enough to have sixteen-THOUSAND of you supporting me on here, I’ll make it good.

#3 Super-Ninja Skills

#4 Dump Truck

#5 The Brutus Mandalorian

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