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5 Of The Most Adorable Comics By Pixie & Brutus (New Pics)

There’s this convention in storytelling to put a rough and powerful character right next to a softhearted and bubbly one. In the case of this “Pet Foolery” series of comics curated and created by Ben Hed, they follow the tale of the strong, silent type that is Brutus the German Shepherd, and Pixie, the adorable little munchkin kitten that always seems to be getting herself into trouble.

With Pixie’s overactive imagination and Brutus’ past as a war dog (which got him the gnarly, scary-looking scar), they make the most charming pair because Brutus finds some solace in Pixie’s antics, and that’s what makes them such a lovely, and charming pair. They’re endearing like that, and you can tell by the comics that Ben Hed made that he put a lot of care into their caricatures, and that’s what makes them so loveable.

Source: Instagram | Patreon

On his Patreon, he explains:

My name’s Ben Hed, creator of Pet Foolery. Ever since the first Pixie and Brutus comic that I posted on Instagram, I’ve been overwhelmed with support for my work. It was like one moment I was doing illustration on Instagram as a side-job for some extra money, then all of a sudden I had over a million followers, and illustration became my full-time job!

#1 Breathing Fire

#2 Fresh Pumpkin

#3 Lola’s Race

#4 Mutant Chipmunk

#5 Exercising

Tell us what you thought in the comments down below, and if you are as enamored by Pixie and Brutus as we are!

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