30 New Hilarious Comics By Internet’s Best Comic Artist Adam Ellis

Adam Ellis, one of the best and most well-known comic artists on the Internet, has a fantastic sense of humour and has over 1.7 million Instagram followers. He is a well-known cartoonist with a distinct and distinctive style. Adam’s comics are always the greatest, and he will never let you down since you will be unable to stop laughing after viewing his collection.

He used to work as an illustrator for BuzzFeed and spent a lot of time there. He began thinking about his future in 2018 and began working as a professional digital artist. He has made a wide range of comics on a variety of subjects and continues to do so. He also makes jokes about himself to entertain his audience.

Adam’s Career

When he decided to start his profession in 2018, he was alone; no one was willing to assist him. However, as time passes, he obtains more and more support from his admirers, who continue to grow.

Famous artists, like everyone else, have detractors. In the instance of Adam, he has received a lot of backlash for putting his personality in comics since some people think it’s not humorous, but Adam ignores them and goes about his business, which is making comics. Here are a few of Adam Ellis’ new hilarious comics. Take a look at them.


According to the current state of the epidemic, a person wishes to demonstrate his patriotism by giving his life for his country. However, in this Covid epidemic, the first and most important way to demonstrate patriotism is to wear a mask, which he neglects to do.


A modern mother is packing her son’s lunch box and video-calling it to her spouse. She put all of the stuff we eat on the diet in one place, and a child will never eat it. When her son opens the gift later, he doesn’t like what he sees.

Tow young girls pass by each other, looking at their personality and judging.


A comic on the previous US President, like most people, hates him due to his policies and know as a racist; that’s why there are only two letters left in the game, and it depends on your choice which one you will choose.


There is a group of people on the road protesting for his leader to vote for him. A boy is standing at the side of the road, making fun of the protesters and thinking that he is respecting them by saying these sentences as the boy is supporting opponent party.


A cow gives birth to a unique baby cow with two faces. And the mother of the baby knows about the people and thinking about the future of her baby. She knows that the people will take him to the museum as he is unique, having two faces and take hundreds of pictures.


A pregnant girl is celebrating a party for her upcoming child. When she cut the cake, it looked the same as a green crocodile face, and she became afraid. After getting afraid, she thinks that her friends also look like crocodiles.


Usually, animals wake up early in the morning. A man with a cat is waking up his holder early at around three o clock and asking him for food. But when he put some food for the cat on the plate, she refused to eat as she’s not hungry means she wants the food on time whether she’s hungry or not.


A girl is asking Joy to test an item; if it works, it’ll be valuable. If it does not work, then throw it away. Instead of throwing that item away, he threw himself in the garbage bag.


Joy is taking a selfie on his phone. He thinks the selfie will be dashing and good-looking as he thinks about himself that he is. But when he clicks the selfie and looks at it, it is so ugly and annoying that he also doesn’t like it.


Joy saw a recipe on the Internet and try to make it at home. He makes it the same as he saw on the Internet. Later he was talking to himself, looking at the recipe that I have made it exactly the same it seems.


A man in the darkroom is sitting on the sofa thinking about this damn world. The weed gets into his head and makes him believe that he has been in this room for a long time and didn’t meet anyone. Suddenly, the door opens, and a boy came inside to ask him to get back to work and stop the weed. He is in isolation for the last three days, and he believes he came here a long time ago.


Joy is knitting a sweater, and a girl came asking him that she doesn’t know you can sew a shirt. She questioned him about the sweater; for whom it is? Do you have a child? At the same time, joy is thinking of his cat, a little boy for whom he is knitting this sweater.


Here is elaborating the tension and anxiety which we face nowadays. Regular anxiety is generally with us all the time, but then suddenly comes the Covid too. Even he was not able to tackle them, the elections were also near, one more tension. After these numerous tensions, a bundle of more tensions is there for us with whom we have to take.


It’s too easy to be a cat; you have to do few tasks the whole day and repeat them. A cat eats a snack; after that, he chirps at a bug wherever she finds it. Usually, at night cats speak, and it seems like she is talking with a shadow. After doing these things, she got tired and took a nap


A girl is asking her colleague at the office why he looks so tired. He explained that he was working on his girl’s costume the whole night and stitched suit for her. He is showing his girl’s picture to the colleague. Actually, his girl is a cat.


Here an everyday tragedy happens with every mobile user as they are addicted to mobiles. Whenever you think to take a nap and go to bed, you pick up the smartphone unknowingly. You pick your mobile to see the time, but it takes hours to put it back and take a nap.


It’s everyone’s dream to wish for something and get it on the spot. Joy finds a penny and wishes for a 3D life. Next, what happens hope you’ll get that.


The boy gets a translator to check what his cats say to him all the time. After recording his cat’s voice on the translator, he checks the meow meaning on it. He was shocked after reading what his cat say to him or what the machine show.












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