22 Cute Comics About Being In A Relationship By This Artist

Everyone who has ever been in a happy relationship understands that it is made up of cute, wholesome, and, to be honest, humorous everyday stuff that you share with your partner. The tiny things in a love relationship are what keep it goinThe significance of these things is not lost on Barmy Chip Witch, a comic artist from the United Kingdom who chronicles the everyday laughter and goodness of her own relationship.

Many individuals find it familiar and parallel to their own personal relationships when they look at them, which adds to the unique comedy and cuteness of this partnership. The artist explores every nook and cranny of her own relationship that she appreciates and presents it in a witty, straightforward style, from things that happen in the kitchen, or while going to work, to bed, and psychological concerns which screams that appreciating the simple things is the key to being a pair.

These cartoons could be interpreted as the artist’s daily diaries with her Latvian boyfriend. According to the comics, their love is a thing of beauty. They aid and encourage each other in difficult moments, they expose their sensitive and nasty sides, and they’re honest with each other, but most importantly, they know how to make each other laugh and smile, which makes the reader of the comic grin as well.

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The artist shared some background information as well as a behind-the-scenes look at her relationship with her boyfriend. “We met on a dating app and went to the Natural History Museum on a date.” We broke the ice by cracking crazy and dark dating jokes, yet it seemed natural to chat to each other right away! We talked for over 8 hours into the night the first time we texted online, which was surprising given how taxing app dating can be! We’ve been together for approximately a year and a half. It hasn’t been long, but we’ve both felt like we’ve always been natural, easy, and fun together. We have a lot of laughs. The fact that we encourage one other to grow is something I value the most.



















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