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20 Wacky Long Comic Strips Full of Dark Humor and Unexpected Twists by Hamder Kasper

Webcomics have grown in popularity as a platform for authors and artists to connect with their readers and tell their tales. “It’s the tie,” a webcomic series by Hamder Kasper, is one of them that has amassed a following for its dark comedy and surprising turns. With lots of dark humor and unexpected turns, his webcomic series takes viewers on a voyage through the oddities of modern life. Readers will be both entertained and mildly horrified by the comics’ eccentric characters and situations.

One of Kasper’s comics’ distinctive elements is the way he subverts expectations. When readers think they have the plot figured out, Kasper throws them a curveball that completely changes the direction of the narrative. Reading is always constantly engaging and keeps readers on their toes. One of “It’s the tie”‘s most endearing qualities is the ideas’ universality. Despite having a fantastical and even absurd backdrop, the problems that the comics explore are solidly rooted in the actual world.

Although many people think that life is the best comedy, there are other ways to look at a scenario. Life is too short for remorse. Kasper’s comics cover a variety of topics, including the difficulties of daily living, the intricacies of interpersonal relationships, and the existential dilemmas that we all confront. It is simple to understand why Hamder Kasper has a devoted following of 52,500 thanks to his distinctive satirical and narrative style. “It’s the tie” is unquestionably worth reading if you’re seeking for a webcomic that will make you laugh, think, and question all you know.

Credit: It’s the tie

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#1. Scribble Scribble

#2. I have reached my goal

#3. Walk for a certain amount of time

#4. A butterfly

#5. Fragile

#6. We’re all gonna die

#7. Just a flat line

#8. Spare some change

#9. Open to all performers

#10. Must be a typo

#11. Nonsense!

#12. Wanted

#13. Global warming

#14. Poof poof!

#15. Glasses and stuff

#16. The guy is having a heart attack

#17. Do not sit

#18. Another hurricane!

#19. Why the hell did you stab me?

#20. My time is now!

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