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20 Quirky Comics That Will Surprise You With Their Unexpected Twists

We all love a surprise twist.

If anything can tell us from the recent rise in horror and mystery movies, it is that we all love to see movies that give you a surprising twist close to the end. It always blows our mind and yet when we rewatch it, we always wonder why we didn’t see it coming. Well, good movies always give you hints right from the start while others just like to throw a twist in for the sake of it. Well, that is where these comics are different.

You see comics really don’t have the luxury to make their stories longer to make the audience anticipate what is coming next so that is why they give us all the twists we want in a bite-sized portion. I am not saying all comics are like this but the ones from a lot of artists adhere to this rule. Rather than telling an over-arching story, they focus more on short but adorable stories that always leave you satisfied and yet wanting more.

The comics that we are going to focus on today are just as we mentioned and their name is ‘True Butt False’. As you can tell by the name, the artist doesn’t take their webcomics too seriously and that is what I love about it. And ofcourse we have to mention the two talented artists behind these quirky comics who are Besnik Spahijaj and Michael Jakobi respectively. I am sure you are here to see some comics and not read my babbling, so just scroll below to take a look for yourself.

Source: Instagram

#1 To be fair, a lot of rapping artists today are going with this route.

#2 Well, this is just sad and not the kind of movie I’d wanna watch or book I’d wanna read.

#3 And here I thought that he would pop in to say that he was always proud of his son.

#4 That is actually a great battle cry that everyone needs to sing before doing something harrowing.

#5 That was not how I envisioned this interaction going but it is quite wholesome.

#6 As I always say babies are not for everyone.

#7 Maybe he should have been clear about this sooner.

#8 Why take off the pants completely? Did they not have a zipper back then?

#9 We should always be aware of criminal cows in the sea.

#10 Even a bee has to pay off its student loans somehow.

#11 He will probably earn much more money than winning in regular sports.

#12 If only the system was so lenient and took you on your word.

#13 That party sure looks quite lit.

#14 It is hard to make up your mind at times.

#15 Who doesn’t want an older figure in their life who will help you with all your problems?

#16 This takes helicopter mom to a whole new level.

#17 If interviews really were like this, I would fail every time.

#18 That kid has committed a crime and needs to be arrested.

#19 This reminds me of old cartoons that I used to watch.

#20 Okay, this is actually just sad.

What are your thoughts on these comics? Did they make you smile? And which one of these surprised you the most with its twist? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share these comics with your friends because these artists deserve a lot more recognition for their amazing work

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