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20 Hilarious Illustrations That Every Girl Will Find Relatable

Women go through a lot of daily struggles.

Now, I am not trying to exclude men in any way but today we are going to focus only on what women face. Well, technically any person can face these problems whatever their gender may be but these are targeted towards men and they are hilarious. I am sure anyone who loves to do makeup understands the pain of removing it and then seeing all the spots and dark circles that were previously hidden. Don’t get me wrong, I do think that makeup is an art form and it is fun but it isn’t wrong to say that some people take it to the next level and end up catfishing other people.

And that is where an incredible artist by the name of Sasha Tsoy comes in. She is the name behind these comics and I have to say that I am impressed. Not only are her comics incredibly funny and wholesome but they also draw on real-life struggles. If you have never heard of this artist then you are missing out because she deserves a lot more recognition than she gets. So that is why we decided to compile some of our favorite comics from her and showcased them right here in one list.

Just scroll below to take a look for yourself.

Source: Instagram

#1 I can feel the pain right through the screen.

#2 We usually end up taking away all the progress we made on a  cheat day.

#3 Whether you are in a car, bus, or plane for a long time, this will happen.

#4 Makeup is a sort of real-life filter.

To be fair, we all look horrendous after removing makeup especially if you don’t double cleanse. Waterproof makeup these days tends to stick around and gives you that infamous panda look.

#5 I used to do this to myself when I had long hair and it is just as fun as it looks.

#6 This is exactly why I don’t smile in pictures.

Somehow I always end up with a double chin when I am smiling.

#7 This can happen if you have usually pin-straight hair.

#8 Everyone can relate to this and it is perfectly normal.

#9 To be fair, I do have a fear quite similar to this.

#10 The pain is real for all the thick girls out there.

It is as if clothing companies don’t understand different body shapes. And you always end up having to pull up your pants because they are so loose in the waist.

#11 This is why letting the lipstick dry is a must if it is a dark shade.

#12 We will all end up bald one day anyway and that is fine.

#13 Atleast, it wasn’t bleach and it can always grow back.

#14 It is just hair and we need to stop putting so much importance on it.

#15 Every person with bangs can understand this.

I’ve had bangs most of my life and I will always look like this after skincare and I would have to straighten the bangs to get them to look normal.

#16 Sometimes, a slight bit of bronzer is needed for a healthy glow.

#17 Don’t lie, we have all done this.

And then we get makeup in the wound which not only burns but also worsens the pimple.

#18 Some styles are just not made for every body type.

#19 It is hard to find the perfect size when it comes to a sports bra.

#20 You can always try popping it.

#21 Oversharing with your friends is the new normal.

What are your thoughts on these comics? Did you find them relatable? Which one of these comics did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share with all your friends so they can enjoy some incredible art as well.

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