20 Hilarious Far Sides That Will Brighten Your Day

Happiness is an art form, and not everyone is an artist. It has nothing to do with your current situation or where you belong. The key is to quit overthinking, to never regret anything you’ve done in the past, and to most significantly, to live in the present now.

Another thing that can help you with this is to communicate with your loved ones because the more time you spend with them, the less time you will spend thinking about unpleasant things. But what if you’re away from home and have no one with whom to discuss or share your feelings? Well, we’ve discovered the ideal solution for you.

Whenever you’re bored or down, turn to The Far Side comics for a good laugh. The artist who started this comics series is Gary Larson. Despite the fact that he was gone for 25 years, he never left a legacy. He returned with the same sense of humour and style that he had 25 years before. The dark humour and twists that draw people to his comics are appealing.

So, if you’re new to The Far Side and have never seen the comics before, here’s a sample. These comics, which are only one panel long, have their own fan base. We’ve put up a selection of some of his comics that will make you realise how valuable they are. Scroll down to see some comics with surprising endings.

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