Tyler Martin is a well-known cartoonist. In high school, he spent the most of his time in the art room. It didn’t matter if it was lunch or one of his few made-up optional artist classes. Following that, in the late 1990s, the self-trained artist and visual architect began working on advertising and posting his sophisticated artwork on the Internet.More ventures followed, and Martin eventually gave up writing comics in favour of establishing platforms and websites where they could be posted.

In any case, as time passed, he couldn’t ignore the feeling that something was missing. A source of income. Even though he wasn’t making comics, thoughts continued to swirl about in his head, begging the artist to let them go. As a result, Martin made a comeback.He reintroduced Wally and Osborne, a comics series about a lost polar bear who ends up in Antarctica and befriends a penguin, resulting in the creation of Puddlemunch.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most well-known comics from the comics series that will make you smile. Take a look at these healthy comics by scrolling down.

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Puddlemunch, being substantially less restrictive than Wally and Osborne, allows me to basically create any ridiculous circumstance that comes to me, Martin revealed. These brief strips perfectly demonstrate Martin’s talent as a storyteller. He crafts engaging characters and incredible narratives using only four boards to generate a joke, all while keeping the hilarious world in mind.


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