20 Delicious Dinosaur Comics That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Being a dinosaur in the Dinos And Comics series is exhausting. They’re dealing with internal tensions that neither therapy nor a good night’s sleep can alleviate. In any case, they attempt to look out for one another.

Dinos And Comics lacks the action scenes that you may expect from a dinosaur comic after seeing Jurassic Park. It doesn’t have to, though. It’s enough to have faultless characters struggling to express their perplexing emotions. I’ve never seen dinosaurs look so human before, and I adore it. Continue to browse at the series and give it a shot. It’s ridiculously acceptable.

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There are two people involved in Dinos And Comics: an author named James and a K-recognized artist. They’re both Canadians, hailing from Finland and Canada, respectively.

The creators of this series said that they chose dinosaurs as characters for their comics because they are cool.






After reading their work, it appears that, despite their best efforts to overcome their mental health concerns, the dinosaurs have become accustomed to them. It’s mostly evident, according to James and K. We think it’s a lovely simple interaction. You’re having a hard time before you’re analysed, and once you’re analysed, you (hopefully) get the support you need to make things a little easier, but it’s still a part of your life. Furthermore, now that it has been studied, you think about it more, try to understand it, and rationalise it.






All of James and K.’s current comics may be found on their Instagram account. Their dedication has paid off, as they have amassed a community of 606K Instagram followers as a result of their efforts








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